Friday, 8 February 2013

Foraging for mushrooms in autumn, Lithuania

Forests in Lithuania are full of opportunities for foraging. I wanted to show all different kind of mushrooms that grow in Lithuania. In Lithuania people been foraging mushrooms for many generations and they havent forgotten it. Please be careful when you forage for mushrooms, if you are not sure it's best leave it. 

Mushrooms often grow on tree stumps, the orange part is a mushroom in the photo bellow. 

Boletus badius

Leccinum scabrum mushrooms above and bellow

Another type of boletus,  Boletus rufus it is edible, most boletus are edible apart from a few. 

This Russula mushroom is edible but they fall apart very easily and there is no point to pick them, waste of time. Just leave them for the forest animals and insects. They come in many different colours such as yellow, grey, red etc. 

Very tasty Chanterelles mushrooms in the photo bellow, they grow inside moss. Its pretty hard to find them, boars always dig up big chunks of moss away to chanterelles

The photo above and bellow contains Amanita muscaria. They grow pretty much everywhere in Europe, they come in few different colours such as yellow, red, orange but the black one is not edible. 

In the photo bellow you can see wild bilberries, they are alot like blueberries but they are blue inside, and much tastier. I do not recognise this mushroom so I would not pick it. 

This is a purple mushroom Cortinarius caerulescens, I would not pick it as I dont know it also its weird colour very few things are edible in this world that is blue. I found the name online and it says its not safe to consume. 

I dont know much about these mushrooms, i like the way they look i  assume they are not edible they are called Coral mushrooms, if someone knows the name of this mushroom i would appreciate it if you comment for me. 

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