Thursday, 27 September 2012

Puya berteroana, Agave Attenuata and my collection of cuttings from Malta

Puya berteroana plant I bought at Eden project and Bay leaf plant

The three photos above are of cuttings I brought back in august 2012 from Malta. The plants seem to be adapting pretty well in my flat here in the UK. I really hope they all will flourish. 

Agave Attenuata is one of my favorite agave species as it looks like a flower itself

The small Agave Attenuata cutting I brought back in August 2012 from Malta. It's very unusual as it has 2 shoots coming from one agave. I really hope this agave will adapt and grow well.

My garden plants at the beginning of autumn II



Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dahlia Decorative - Arabian Night blooming

My cactus cut-in collection, please help me with names

The little falling balls were abit harder to grow from a cut-in but it did grow in the end, only took me maybe about three cut-ins, also i use alot of little stones to make my pots looks prettier and make cactuses stick to the eground as the litte star like cactus on the right had barely any roots. 

Agavas, aloe and unknown cactus, if you do know any of the names of these cactuses please comment me, i really would appreciate it.

When I was in Cornwall, England few years ago these aloes were thrown out so i picked them up, they must of been sick because I had 2 pots of these aloes and one pot died and this is the last 3 cut-ins left but this summer I became very happy when I saw all the little ones growing. You have to be very patient with cut-ins, it takes alot of time for a plant to start growing. 

I brought this back from Malta this summer, one of them already died but i still have another three, so im sure one of them will survive and flourish.

This is from a cut-in when it was inside it didnt have the red ends but when i took it outside in summer it got these beautiful red tips. Its very easy to grow this from a cut-in, you dont always have to spend alot of money to get interesting plants. 

My cactus collection is growing

The big cactus was brought from Malta 4 or so years ago as a tiny oval, the year before this the other 4 new ovals showed up and this year i only got one new oval growing. Does anyone know the name of these cactuses? I would really appreciate to know. 

This years new oval, Im so happy how big it grew, last year it grew a long cactus it didn't look good at all so i cut it down in the middle of spring, and in summer i took it outside as cactuses need alot of sunlight to grow well. 

This cactus I bought in a boot market poor thing was all yellow, it looked so not healthy, but this year I had 3 flowers. 
What is the name of this cactus? I grew it out of a cut-in i got from a bigger cactus, I prefer to grow my own plant from a cut-in as you see how they grow and change.

Plants that showed up out of nowhere in my garden

If anyone knows the name of these plants please comment me, the top one has very waxy red leafs and the purple one looks like a tiny orchid.

Passiflora Amethyst and Passiflora Caerulea

Passiflora Amethyst

Passiflora Caerulea