Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Aquilegia vulgaris winky red & white

I like planting I try to put some kinda low flowers/grass in the pot so it wouldn't look plain. I also collect in the forests a piece of a fallen tree that has an interesting shape. or also you could go by the seaside, collect stones with interesting colours, and shapes. I bought Aquilegia Vulgaris in plastic horrible pot so i planted in a new pot.

This is what the plant looked like when i bought it.

In summer start of May the flowers started blooming, it has the most beautiful lowers.

an update on 6 June 2012, I wanted to show what it looks like after it bloomed.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Outside Plantlife in the 2nd half of March in 2012


One of the walls that I think are simple yet amazing. This plant gives such good contrast.

Same with this stairwell, it has a few plants and its easy to take care off if you do not have much time, to take care of a garden.


On the left its an ivy plant that has purple flowers, i will update the name. On the right its a hanging basket in Westminster area, London, UK. This year the colours are very beautiful.

The floor tiles really gave an amazing affect with a simple pot with some green plants. Its so simple, but very beautiful. Sometimes the most simple things are the hardest to do in art.Even the bin area i like as it has green plants around it, Im sure its not intentional from the owners, but thats what i like about nature. 

Very beautiful entrance into the house in London. 

House plants

Plants that are in my care:

Succulent plant

Two different types of orchids. (i will update the details soon)

Rhipsalidopsis and Peyote

My Carnivorous plant and Pachira Aquatica


Purple Iridaceae, It was in a vase, sadly i didn't grow these ones yet but there is still time. I really enjoy Iridaceae plants, and related plants, the structure is so interesting.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Strawberries, grape wine and radish.

This balcony was nearly empty of plans when I moved in, and now this is my first year growing plants and vegetables here.

Strawberry Darselect and strawberry Elsanta, I always wanted this pot, it looks so beautiful.

Grape wine and strawberries

Radish Duchy Originals - Rapbanus sativus

Radish, im not sure if its the same kind as rapbanus sativus, but the top one was planted straight outside at the end of may, and this one above i planted in end of march, maybe start of may inside my house, and they didn't grow that well. As this garden is my first garden of my own, I have alot to learn, it was easier helping grandmother then owning my own garden. 

Spring in my garden

Cornus sericea 'Hedgerows Gold" is the plant with green yellowish leafs. In the background by the wall there is a plant that I found thrown out. Its not dead yet which is a good sign, leafs are still greenish. 
I collect plants that are thrown out. Many plants that I find are not dead, but people just dont know how to take care of them, just dont care or lack of space. Who knows the story..? only the plants. So i take them in and give them a new home

The little plant with purple flowers is Viola labradorica, and the big one is called Delphinium(pink)

Left: Dahlia arabian night & Right: Lily lollipop

Red/Black Lily, view from the top down.

The names of these plants are unknown. The big one grew out of this pot i found thrown out with this succulent ivy plant i wish i knew the names. If anyone recognises these plants please commet. Thank You. 

Cerinthe major purpurascens is one of more of my favorite plants, the big one was grown first, as it was the first time this year i was sowing seeds by myself, i messed up and killed alot of them, only one survived, so i decided to sow again, and results were much better. As you can see other pot contains more then one plant.

Left: Lily Red and on the Right: unknown species of Pinaceae