Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring in my garden

Cornus sericea 'Hedgerows Gold" is the plant with green yellowish leafs. In the background by the wall there is a plant that I found thrown out. Its not dead yet which is a good sign, leafs are still greenish. 
I collect plants that are thrown out. Many plants that I find are not dead, but people just dont know how to take care of them, just dont care or lack of space. Who knows the story..? only the plants. So i take them in and give them a new home

The little plant with purple flowers is Viola labradorica, and the big one is called Delphinium(pink)

Left: Dahlia arabian night & Right: Lily lollipop

Red/Black Lily, view from the top down.

The names of these plants are unknown. The big one grew out of this pot i found thrown out with this succulent ivy plant i wish i knew the names. If anyone recognises these plants please commet. Thank You. 

Cerinthe major purpurascens is one of more of my favorite plants, the big one was grown first, as it was the first time this year i was sowing seeds by myself, i messed up and killed alot of them, only one survived, so i decided to sow again, and results were much better. As you can see other pot contains more then one plant.

Left: Lily Red and on the Right: unknown species of Pinaceae


  1. That's amazing. so when you take a neglected plant home, how do you find out about its species and how to take care of it? I know very little about plants/flowers, but I imagine every single one is different and needs a different care routine?..

    1. Hello, its very nice you commented, thank you. Well people who dont know about plants buy very basic plans from same network of shops, and i think they have no idea how to take care of plan, so when it looses its leafs or similar they throw it out and buy another.
      I started working with plants from very young age, my mother is a florist, i guess its just knowledge i picked up growing up with my mum growing plants in lithuania, as we didnt have much money my mum and her friends would buy one plant and share cut-in/clone(i dont know the english word for it) so you learn basic things like cactuses are very easy to clone, and yucca plants too. It is all just experience.
      And now since i started my garden i have the internet to help me with names. I search and look on other blogs for photos so sooner or later i find the plant name.
      Well not every single plant but there are families of plants that are similar, so i have different type of foods for them. Some plants like pitcher plants or orchids are very hard to grow without a green house.
      And also you have to love your plants, give them attention, I think love defiantly helps :)

      I hope thats good enough answer. :)

  2. Thank you! I currently have a small ficus tree that I thought was dying, but then, after watering him a bit more often, I saw new branches and leaves coming out, so that made me really happy!!!

    I also have some cut yellow flowers that remind me of gerberas or chrysanthemums (should've kept the tag hehe), and they're still alive after a week! I am impressed! Maybe because they came with a small package of flower "food", that powder you put into water.

    What would you recommend buying if I want a pot flower, which can survive without much sunlight (it's tough here in Scotland) and without super-extensive-complex care? I would get a cactus, but I don't like them:))))

    1. Ficus plants like water, most of the days now pots come with names, so just look it up on google what it likes, and give them the watering it needs, and just buy and simple food that a garden centre uses, when i buy my planting and watering materials i use the same ones they use in garden centre that is next to me, as i know it works for them, then it has to work for me :)
      Well you could always look up and dig abit to find the kind of gerberas or chrysanthemums i is, usually google can help or wikipedia.
      What would i recommend, well i really like Pachira Aquatica which is easy to grow, but maybe because my house is warm even in winter, try to see what other people in your city have in their houses. Talk to people in garden centre's. People who work with plants, usually have very calm energy, and are very nice. I think plants like that.
      Alot of my plants dont get that much sun, i only have so much space inside the house, with windows facing the sun, but i did grow an australia tree in my kitchen where there was a window but there was never any sun there and it grew very well, i would have to look up the name if you like.

      Thanks for you comments,

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